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All things floristic...


Stacey Keay is a multidisciplinary artist, that practices in pigment making and the art of interconnection.

She is the founding director of the We Are Woven Studio, an educational space which promotes ecological balance and creative curiosity.

In her practice she works with mediums such as minerals, flowers and leaves, as well as natural dyes and foraged inks. 

Here you can find her collection of artworks from 2020 - present, a series of botanical prints woven with the wild landscapes of the Gower Peninsula. 

For information on how to purchase original artworks or to commission a personalised print of your own garden this summer...


Fern art prints
Eucalyptus art print


You can now invite artist Stacey Keay into your own garden and commission an exclusive experience.

This is an opportunity to have the essence of your summer blooms immortalised in artwork

through a magical printing practice.

As part of an afternoon immersed in the creativity of nature you will be guided in choosing

a composition of your own leaves and petals, which will then be transformed in a bubbling cauldron, creating a collection of personal art for your home.


For a quote please contact:

Natural pigment art plants
Plant pigment botanical artwork
Natural dye workshops

Art Prints

A collection of prints from a summer in bloom at the We Are Woven Studio

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